Towards Gestalt

Towards Gestalt: the pavilion of gestural experience.

Part of the 2020-21 Bangkok Biennial.

Gesture is a form of physical, verbal and non-verbal communication which surrounds us at every angle, in every object and in the way our body exists in the world. Gesture embodies space, place, and ethereal existence. It is a soft motion or aggressive signal. Gesture is how we navigate the world of action, emotion, movement. It is expression packaged into cohesive kinesis. Through gesture, we exist, compose, and contemplate worldly and conscious encounters.

The selection of work shown at the pavilion will be a mix of painting, video, performance, and sound-based work projected into The Wall Space Gallery and then shown using live streaming where the audience can view the work within a physical space through the virtual window.

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Participating Artists

Marcellina Van Der Grinten

Daniele Bongiovanni

Ayshia Taskin